Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About Me

I started out on this journey in the beginning of 2012.
Eww... July 4th, 2011

<----- Eww Yuck... How come no one told me I looked like that?

  I was out of college a year and a half and with no job and extra unwanted weight I needed to make a change. I signed up for Crossfit and I decided that I was going to try Paleo as a way to jump start my weight loss.

February 2012... After a month of Crossfit!

I have a great boyfriend who has stuck by me and has tried all
of my crazy Paleo concoctions. He joined crossfit with me this past
Spring and I have seen him push himself to limits he has never been
to. He is a great guy and he always seems to know exactly how to
keep me on track. Great motivation is important when making any
lifestyle changes.

 I wanted things to change and I wanted to live my life for the first time. Paleo started out as a diet plan and it has changed my life. I have told my family and friends of my new lifestyle change and there reaction is "you eat weird" or "when will you begin eating real food again". So I have decided that this blog will help anyone thinking of transitioning to Paleo or for anyone that is trying to explain Paleo to your friends and family.
The Love of my Life!
My Baby Ace
Ace is another reason why I wanted to be healthy and not just thinner. I wanted to be able to run around with my dog and not get tired so easily. He just makes me laugh and he endless energy makes me want to get that much faster and in better shape. I plan to take him hiking when he is old enough and we will conquer mountains and challenges together! I love my Ace Face!!!

June 14, 2012
  People have asked me when are you going to eat real food again? My answer, I am eating real food, I eat organic, grass fed, hormone free good food. I feel better inside and out, eating Paleo has proven to me that grains and dairy have been the cause of heartburn, indigestion, and headaches. It’s difficult for my friends and family to understand the way that I eat. Many of them say “You eat weird” and I just say that I am just living the Paleo Life!

 Ash :)